Of Swords & Crowns

Chapter 2: Rabbit Trail

Following their framer, the heroes dig deeper into the plot of their still ambiguous enemy. Meanwhile, Tarathial and Rivuna, with the aid of Lu, track down an amulet to save Polidora's life.

Of Swords & Crowns

Part I: Lucerta
Chapter 2: Rabbit Trail

Our Cast:

Dachir (Taylor) Dark Elf Battledancer

Katsumi (Elizabeth) Human Paladin

Lu Piroliin (Maddie) Half-elf Favored Soul

Quiora Sebastian (Miranda) Halfling Rogue

Rivuna Rakatha (Courtney) Elf Wizard

Solania Piroliin (Becca) Human Sorceress

Tarathial the Halt (Trevor) Elf Urban Ranger

Temeth Cav (Connor) Human Fighter


Xcarthan12 Xcarthan12

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