A group of heroes, different and each possessing unique skills, found their way to the city of Lucerta on March 24th, 1215 AY.

Dachir, the Tamusari battledancer, a soldier who fought in the Blood War and has a mysterious past.

Katsumi Shadronia, the human paladin, who fights for her country Tehko with a holy vengeance.

Lu Piroliin, the half-elf favored soul, whose divine powers are a gift from the gods themselves.

Quiora Sebastian, the halfling rogue, a scoundrel whose family business is less than reputable.

Rivuna Rakatha, the Sildutari wizard, whose home has been destroyed by the very thing she loves.

Solania Piroliin, the human sorceress, a young woman who has turned down the road of crime.

Tarathial the Halt, the Sildutari bounty hunter, who has never had a target escape him, except for once.

Temeth Cav, the human fighter, once a proud soldier, who has been reduced to a beggar and a drunkard.

This is their story.